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At Tower Digital, our team of managed business IT professionals will help to ensure that your operations are consistently operating at peak performance. We have experience in a multitude of various industries giving the knowledge to enhance your business activities no matter what who your client base consists of.

System Management

We handle everything that your business uses concerning your business systems for day to day operations. This includes:

  • Microsoft Windows Patch Management
  • Application Software Updates
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-malware license and management included
  • Hardware Firmware management
  • Service Monitoring with proactive notifications
  • Server Software and Hardware updates
  • Remediation of failed components
  • Roll-out of new systems
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Backup & Discovery

Tower Digital takes special care in ensuring that all of your data is backed up daily, to ensure that in the worst case scenario where your systems crash, we have you covered.

  • Disk image of each important system
  • Create nightly point-in-time snapshots
  • Rapid restore of data should an entire system fail
  • Backups are monitored and managed
  • Offsite back up option is available

Vendor Management

Choosing the proper hardware and software solution can be a daunting task. Tower Digital works daily, with many vendors enabling us to weed through choices for you. By having an expert in your corner this helps your business make an informed decision to insure optimal integration.

  • We act as your representative to your IT related vendors. Review, suggest, and implement technology solutions from your vendors. Such as network copiers, phone services, Internet service, hardware and software solutions.
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Client Support Portal

Whenever you need us, we have a client portal that immediately contacts a member of our team that can accurately and swiftly resolve your issue and get your operations back on track.

  • Our advanced ticketing and documentation system is available to you for submitting support requests and viewing any documentation and help files associated with your network.

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