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We have helped businesses across all industries expand their businesses through our managed IT systems and services. Some recent projects that we have help alleviate are below.

Texas Urology

Texas Urology was planning an opening and before they even opened their offices for business, we had their business systems up and running before they even had clients walking through the door.

Having your business systems operational when your doors open is crucial for helping your business and your clients operate at peak performance.

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Doctor Office - Client Tower Digital
Lone Star Oil - Client Tower Digital

Lone Star Oil and Gas

We don’t just offer IT solutions, we offer business IT solutions. When working with Lone Star Oil and Gas, we brought to their attention the need to fix problems that would make their business run more efficiently. They were operating using an excessive amount of outdated servers, that had a high probability of malfunctioning.

We consolidated their number of servers from 14 of various ages dating back at oldest 10 years, down to 2 servers. We accomplished this by having the 2 new servers running on virtualization software that enabled them to operate at maximum capacity thus saving them money.

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Jones Hearing Centers

Jones Hearing Centers offers high-quality hearing aids and hearing services that enhance people's quality of life. They are part of the largest network of hearing care clinics in the nation and receive a high influx of service calls daily. However, the company was unable to efficiently track and record specific patient problems in an efficient manner due to outdated systems. Tower Digital helped amplify the ability of Jones Hearing Centers to better serve its clients by providing a business solution that implemented VoIP calling systems in its offices.

This solution cut the costs of traditional phone services and enabled Jones Hearing Centers to create a database of each call. The VoIP system tracks and documents the call, duration of the call, location of the call, and even the subject of the call and stores it on data servers. The installation of this system has increased the internal capacity of the clinic ten-fold, allowing Jones Hearing Centers to more accurately serve its expanding client base.

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Westover Hills - Tower Digitial

Westover Hills

Westover Hills City Hall suffered from a shortage of bandwidth for its employees to efficiently operate using the internet. This issue was especially burdensome with the growing emphasis placed on reliable business technology every day. Tower Digital developed a business solution that saved the City money and substantially increased its bandwidth.

Instead of using traditional fiber optics to wire the project, wireless technology was used, saving over 90% of the tradition costs of wiring fiber optic cables. Tower Digital was able to get the City connected and get business technologies operating at full capacity.

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